Tuesday 23 November 2010

Deadly Engagement Story

Some of you may know that hubby is half Swiss so we go to Switzerland to stay at a family place on holiday from time to time. What you may not know is the story of how we got engaged....

When we went on this particular holiday I knew he was possibly going to pop the question for 3 reasons
1: We had been together for 5 years
2: I had pointed out the exact engagement ring I wanted several times 
3: I found the ring in his bag (by accident of course...)
So I was all whoo hoo any day now...
So it turns out Tim had decided to propose up a mountain. Impressive right? What we both didnt realise was the extent to which I was scared of heights. He thought he had no reason to worry I'd hiked up some mountains before with no real problems. But they were little ones with nice big paths... So we took the shaky death box *ahem* I mean cable car up some of the way.

This particular route Tim assured me was easy. In fact he himself first walked it as a child when he was 8 years old. But early on I was thinking 'holy crap this is steep'. Not wanting to come across as a pathetic I kept my thoughts to myself (mostly). Didn't want him rethinking his proposal plans now did I? As we walked further the ground started to look all wobbly and twirly. I couldn't see straight. The route just got worse and worse until I sat down and couldn't get up again. Tim was baffled as to what was going on...

He tried reasoning with me. He tried shouting 'GET UP!' in a loud commanding voice which just made me cry more (proposal day was going so well huh?) so then he tried begging. He coaxed me a long a little further until we got to a cross where someone had died and I was done being on that mountain! Thinking about the route he said its possible it gets worse. (oh really!) He said he had a vague memory of his sister crawling across a bridge on her hands and knees. So even though it would take hours we would have to turn back....

After several hours we made it back to the cable car only to find out it had closed for the evening. Tim said no worries since it was summer we could walk down the ski routes.  He claimed they weren't steep at all. You know those things people ski down really really fast. THEY WERE BLOODY STEEP!

Of course at that point a thunder storm rolled in. Perfect!

Overall it took us 11 hours of walking and eventually we got back to the chalet! Needless to say Tim didn't get to propose that day. But we laugh about our adventure now.

 The next evening he did propose on the balcony of the chalet and obviously I said yes...


  1. Awww I love a happy ending! :)

  2. yay it posted your comment...it obviously just needed time to warm up to you ;)

  3. Um, OMG I would have been freaking out too!!! :) Fun story though!

  4. This made me laugh so much I cried, I love this story & you tell it so well. xxx

  5. yay Trevina! Im so glad you liked it! x x x