Saturday 30 April 2011

Holiday Part II

We finally arrived at Sea Houses for a little holiday with the Inlaws. (The cliff hanger from the last post suggested some exciting event that took place during the journey. In normal TV soaps the cliff hanger never turns out to be as exciting as it promised. Well this is no exception, the journey actually turned out to be pretty uneventful with everyone but the driver sleeping through most of it) But Sea Houses, now that was exciting...

It was a such beautiful place and we were in a house overlooking the harbour. Right here... 
That first evening every window provided me with a different stunning view to capture. Which I did by painfully leaning out of each window...

And thanks to my little lovelies forcing me out of bed at 6am, I could watch the sun rise over the sea. Not a bad way to wake up I can tell you...

Isaac greeting the day on the balcony. I just adore his bed head...

 The first outing of the holiday had to be, HAD TO BE going to the beach...

The water was freezing but daddy made it fun...
 But I added some wellies pretty quickly. Seriously freezing...

Proof that I really do have no junk in my trunk.
It's okay I've come to terms with it, I can laugh about it...Mostly.
Swinging with Mummy and Grandma. (Isn't his hat just ridiculously too big for him?)
Isaac very wisely staying out of the ice water for the most part and focused his attention on the mechanics of castle building. Which he soon discovered didn't go well with the dry sand.

Daddy help me! (with a fishing net obviously)
Hubby keeps complaining about me taking photos of the back of his head (as in bold patch). But Lucas looks so cute it had to be done.
Is there anything better than feet in the sand?
Well according to Isaac getting a free ride and eating ice cream might be even better...

As you can tell it was a great day all round. To finish it off in the perfect way Hubby and me went for a walk along the sea front to watch the sunset that evening.

And what a sunset it was. 

And not only that, look at the freaking Moon!!! What the..?

Days like these always make me wish I lived near the sea...

More to show you tomorrow.

(Cue cliff hanger)

You'll never guess what happened after that full moon...


  1. What fricken gorgeous pictures!!! I'm so jealous!! :)

  2. Aah if i had been in Newcastle you could have visited on your way there! Love seeing the pics of my northern homeland :-)

  3. aw I know I thought that too! It is so beautiful up there!

  4. That moon is stunning! Wow! Looks like you all had a marvelous time!

  5. so much beauty i want to be there.

  6. What great pictures! I love how you Brits call rainboots "wellies." It's adorable! I would start saying it, but I get frustrated when people make me explain to them what I say. All the other Americans are dumb. But not me. Obviously.