Thursday 12 May 2011

Toy story bedroom!! and the rest of the house...

I have been dying to do this post, dying! But I wanted to wait until the house was more finished. Parts are still pretty messy. Its not completely finished decor wise but I cant wait any longer. The story of me seeing my newly extended house for the first time in over 2 months actually starts back at our Sea Houses Holiday. Before we could move back in we went on holiday with Tim's parents. I was excited to get away but at the same time I felt I was going in the wrong direction. I wanted to see my house. Like now.

On the long drive back, while I was playing with taking photos of the scenery while the car was moving, (I wasn't driving at this point clearly) it hit me. 
'Were nearly there...'

 It has been a long time
 but were nearly there...
 So very nearly...
'Move that bus' right?!
It really was like extreme makeover home edition but without Ty shouting every word he speaks and less crying. Tim took me in through the kitchen first as it was the most finished and he was scared I'd be disappointed (he couldn't have been more wrong). It was so different I couldn't recognise it. I felt like I was standing in a different house. A new house. A beautiful house.

 New floor, new cabinets...

 Smooth walls, nice lights...
I walked around the house in a daze, unable to picture how it looked before...Let's take a peak at the most important rooms next. The boys bedrooms!Isaac's Toy Story room which is basically a room I would give myself if I was young. Luckily thanks to my Pixar brainwashing he LOVES IT!

I'm in love with this picture, it took some effort not to hang it above my desk instead...
 Got these on ebay. (yes I need to paint the door still)
 And Amazon provided this awesome quilt cover..

I haven't gone as nuts on Lucas' room because he's still so little I want to wait to see what he gets into 
So Whinnie the pooh it is... 

His very first room. *sigh*We also have a brand new bedroom which isn't as ready (or tidy) so I only took a few pictures. Check out me in new corridor taking a picture in new wardrobes mirror...

Finally after a year or so I have a chest of drawers that isn't squished inside a wardrobe. I have a little mirror people just for me! So in my excitement I of course photographed me in the new mirror...
 *More happy Sighs*


The living room is now way bigger (but just as messy as before) with patio doors.
 New fireplace

 Outside looks so different too
 Excuse the weeds I haven't lived here for 2 months.Who am I kidding those weeds are always here, in fact they look like they've struggled to grow without me...
    Very quickly after moving in I got used to all the new stuff and focused on what wasn't finished. The shower leaked through the shower door. The fireplace didn't fit, they wouldn't take it back, we fixed it but then it got scratched. Grr. The wardrobe was too high for ceiling so we had to return it and put up a whole new one...etc etc I got all stressed. But a few visits from family who were wowed I realised 'Oh Yeah what am I bitching about? look at what I got!' Geez.
    Makes me realise it doesn't matter how much money you have (of which we now have very little) or how amazing your new house is, you get used to it and can easily fall into the trap of focusing on what you don't have. Well I'm not doing that anymore. Me very happy. Its so good to be home.


  1. It looks so lovely! I love the kitchen cabinets and light - so sleek and modern!! Enjoy it all!!


  2. home looks good. love the welcome sign ;)