Monday 7 November 2011

Clearly I can't be trusted...

Recently we got to visit some family and scare the living daylights out of their poor unsuspecting animals. The boys had so much fun.

'Here little chicken let me attempt to grab your feathers...'

 Actually I think this chicken can give as good as it gets...
Moving on to the lovely dog who initially barked so loud the boys were really scared. Two seconds and some butt sniffing later, they were all in love.
'Hey wait for me!'

 Actually somehow all the adults left me outside alone with the boys and doggy. Dog saw another dog and legged it. Literally legged it out of the garden and into the neighboring field. No matter how much I yelled at it to 'get out that frigging field and come back!' it wouldn't come back. Then I couldn't even see him. And I couldn't chase the dog because I was trying to stop Lucas legging it in the other direction towards the road. Basically people, left unattended for 2 minutes I managed to loose my husbands relatives beloved dog...
Embarrassing much? 'Um I kind of lost your dog...'
Don't worry he came back eventually...
Cheeky mutt!

We also got to cuddle with our beautiful cousin that weekend... (Dear uterus, look away now, you've got no chance...)

'psst listen I know where they stash the chocolate...'

Good times! (mostly)


  1. best memories i still recall my times at grandmas and all the chickens.

  2. Your life seems so idyllic and lovely. And I think Issac's looking for another sibling;)

  3. Ive always wanted to keep chickens.... my friend does and they are so funny.
    good times with the boys again.... so damn cute the pair of them!
    I have a house in North Wales i should visit more... get away from it all. i long to see the sea. lol.

  4. Best chicken photo ever. Seriously.

  5. Looks like a great afternoon!