Wednesday 30 November 2011

Sunday pancakes + Movie night = Day of awesomeness!

Last Sunday was a good day. I knew it would be for the reasons in the title. I took a 'few' photos so come on! Spend the day with us...
Starting with homemade blueberry pancakes. Thank you hubby...
With lots of Tea obviously...
Then to work off our pancake laden bellies a walk in the woods was required... 
(some of these photos aren't great, the light was fading fast )
There was some serious tree climbing. (not from me I'm a scaredy cat)
We went searching for fairies and pixies but they weren't out today...
This mushroom was so pulling a Marilyn Monroe...
We almost got attacked by a dog before these next photos. When I say attacked it was more snarling, loud barking and weird crazy eyes. The owner felt so bad she gave the boys jelly beans. Note the word 'them'. Hey lady where's my Jelly beans the crazy dog freaked me out too!
Then back to ours for Movie night activities. Did I mention I already put the tree up. Apparently its way too early but hey...
 Guess what movie I talked them into they chose! 
How to Train your Dragon.
Check out my new glasses... 
I know I'm mostly all about pixar but damn this movie is good. Great job Dreamworks. Movie night score 10/10! 

Then before bed the boys pretended they were flying dragons and jumped off the sofas over and over. Obviously we reminded them that is not okay!
So off they went to bed...
So I could give it ago. Whoa it is well fun! And yes that is me touching the ceiling. Sweeet!


  1. So I mention you on my latest post.

    PS. Hubby loved Bridesmaids =)

  2. Yes i enjoyed Bridesmaids... A lorra laughs!
    Sian... i neeeeed that pancake recipe from your hubby please.. ohh they look amazing but i dont know how. :-( hope its not a secret family recipe. heeheee..
    Lovin the Marilyn mushroom. :-D

  3. Those pancakes look so good! And what a fun family day - love your tree so pretty!

  4. I always enjoy looking at your nature-y photos, but I really love the Marilyn Monroe mushroom! We haven't seen How to Train Your Dragon, but Sebastian is always jumping off of the sofa, and I cannot get him to stop. It's a constant battle.

  5. Scaredy cat? Ha! Aren't you the jumper that leaps off of couches and skateboard ramps alike?
    Which probs is sending mixed messages to the little jumpers, huh?
    Love the new glasses and love that movie. What an awesome day all around:)