Sunday, 27 November 2011

It just happened one day...

Recently we had the preschool photo shoot. They kindly offered to photograph little brother too. It didn't go well. It's not like they aren't used to a photo or two being taken of them. But instead of sitting and smiling at the camera. They opted for refusing to sit and nearly trashing the photographers equipment. Lucas finished it all off by having the biggest tantrum any child in the world has ever had. All the while, the other mums who were waiting their turn, eyed me with judgement. I walked home red faced with a screaming Lucas in tow. How embarrassing. 

However the other day something happened all on its own. Lucas was ill and they were watching TV. I came in the room to find them cuddling on the sofa. I had to capture it. This kind of affection rarely happens without prompting.

I swear there was no set up. No sit here, hold still, hug each other while I take a photo, pretend you love each other goddamn it!!!
No wrestling, or pushing or anything...

It happened all on its own...
Heart melted all over the floor and I'm not cleaning it up.

Way better than a forced photo shoot any day of the week.


  1. I agree... these really are ADORABLE!! At times i wish i had another child for my Nathan to cuddle/fight with.
    A truly lovely candid capture.

  2. What wonderful photos - sweet little angels!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog
    Mississippi, USA

  3. So stinking cute! And I agree, much better than a forced photo shoot!

  4. These photos are beautiful. I can see why you're pleased with them. I've given up trying to get my little girl to pose for anything professional. We've had to opportunity to get professional photos done a few times but she's just not one for posing for photos. But I really don't mind. In years to come those wouldn't be the photos that made me smile and made me proud. The natural ones I take of her enjoying herself will be the ones that make me smile. That's the real little girl I see every day.

  5. Bubs refused to smile for his school photos and wait til you see the group shot. Omg, hilarious. I totally hear you about the screaming fits. I had to carry Bubs out of OMSI all the way to the car screaming bloody murder and hitting, kicking and spitting. Freaking humiliating. But then it's all worth it in moments like the ones you've captured here. So sweet:)