Friday 11 March 2011

Childhood tree

After lunch I took two VERY restless children for a walk. This time to a treasured childhood spot. To my tree. I've mentioned this tree in a previous post. It's where I often played with my childhood best friend. When I was little I read a story about a special tree called the Guardian tree with magical powers. That was it. From then on I had my own magical tree. To us it was a house, a castle, a hideout, whatever we needed it to be...

When I was older I even had my first kiss with a boy there who afterwards complained I screwed up my eyes when I kissed. Lovely! It's a big tree that was once struck by lightening. Inside its hollow and blackened yet it continues to grow and thrive.

It's on the top of a steep hill in a large field. When the grass is long we would play hide and seek, when it snowed we would sledge. We would walk past it on our way home from school and once when the cows where in the field we got chased. Okay okay, it was just me who was chased. I don't know, I seem to bring out the crazy in these country animals...

Anyway it was a lovely nostagic experience to share this place with my boys so obviously I thought why not share it with you also...
Issac fashioned a trumpet out of some wood, as you do...
Finding the hill steep Lucas reverted to crawling...
We finally reached the top. Whoa how small does Lucas look? 
So I just sat back and let them explore. 
I took photos while they played nicer than they ever do at home...



Much fun was had by all


  1. What an awesome tree - that is just amazing and to see how large it is compared to your kiddos - wow!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love this post, wonderful story.

  3. Your post and photographs just keep getting better and better, keep it up.

    P.S please mail those boys over here, k thanks

  4. This is so precious! Lovely photos.

    And something struck a chord in me when you said the tree was black & hollow but continued to grow on the outside. Wow that's some symbolism. Don't we all feel like that tree sometimes?

  5. These are gorgeous shots! And, what a huge tree!

  6. Wow, that tree is huge! And what a story. And your boys - SUPER cute!

  7. That picture with his face poking out from behind the tree... the best.

    This post was skin tingling, by the way. It filled me with nostalgia.

  8. This is a great tree! Thank you for sharing it.

  9. How fun! Looks like a fun day out. Great tree to climb around too.

  10. This is a great picture of your tree. I can't tell you how much I love it! Thank you for sharing this post!

  11. That is a totally awesome tree. Your Lucas looks so tiny up against its trunk.