Thursday 17 March 2011

Weekend walk

I know its Thursday so this is kind of late to tell you about last weekend. This week has been crazy busy, good busy but crazy all the same.

And Spring is sprung, well nearly! Everything is getting really pretty and I'm a like a photographer on heat. I seriously can't stop snapping. These days I find myself thinking 'ooh my bloggy friends will love this!' It's nice, it makes me feel all warm and squidgy inside. So thank you for that.

Anyway last weekend hubby came to visit us. Yes our house is still being extended (I have photos to show you soon!) so the weekend is all we get of daddy. Which makes them all the more sweeter. This Sunday morning while Lucas was having his morning nap, we took Isaac out for some rare just with mummy and daddy time. It was a lovely...

Fancy a bit more English Countryside?...

Um...this way seems to be closed? 
Seriously unimpressed Isaac...

Sheep 1: 'Dude it is definitely this way!'
Sheep 2: 'Well that's is not what the Sat Nav said!'
Sheep 3: 'For God's sake you two, ask for directions...'
Sheep 4 'Baa'

Quality time with Daddy

 More and more my camera and my boys are helping me see the pretty all around...

Happy next weekend my lovelies...


  1. Such pretty photos! And I love the one with the boys walking side-by-side. :)

  2. The countryside is so pretty! I especially like the photo of the purple flowers.