Thursday 24 March 2011

Rocking it.

I think you know what this means...

Yep were sick! Well the boys are. Runny noses, coughs and Lucas has got a full blown ear infection again. It started with Lucas running a fever that just kept rising. Nothing seemed to bring it down. Needless to say no one got much sleep that night. It did go down eventually but here and there it rises again. He wont eat or drink anything other than milk. (Thank God he's drinking that!) After 3 nights without sleep I'm feeling it. I can't believe I coped with this little sleep all the time when they were babies. 

Clearly I am no longer hardcore. I am soft, squishy and very floopy. But I won't let this beat me because as tired I am, Lucas is more tired and much more uncomfortable. So each day with are staying in, playing and resting. When in similar situations a friend of mine says she is going to punch this day in the face! I'm not so violent but you get the idea. Each day I'm telling myself I'm going to rock this day out because I have to.

So this is how we roll...

Comfy PJs and oversized glasses to hide zombie eyes.

Lots of rest.

Lots of fluids.

Lots of toys to play with. 
Trash the house if needed (Even better if you are staying at someone else's house like we are)
If you run out of toys there is always the 'Where's my Belly Button?' game. Hours of fun...If by hours you mean seconds.
Some fresh air.
Everything is better when the sun is out. I even made a den. That deserves some mummy gold stars surely? Seriously no sleep people!

 In fact the den was a big hit...

I even got some water out (pulling out all the mummy stops).

I was determined to see good things in these days of crying, coughing and serious lack of sleep. And it's there if you're looking for it...

Sunny garden.

 Feathered friends.
Eating a little.
 That warm spot.
 Unforced brotherly affection.

Well I had better stop there. Lucas has just woken from an epic nap which is so what he needed. Thank God for Calpol and Antibiotics! Wish me luck that we all get some sleep tonight... 
Because if not I really will punch tomorrow in the face.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty great day, all things considered. You're obviously a great mom (and fabulous photographer). That tent was awesome and makes me wish it was warm enough to be outside! Glad you came by my blog :)