Friday 18 March 2011

Flashback Friday: Playing in the garden

Yes I am still reminiscing while living at my parents house. I cant help it. Watching my boys play in the same garden I once played in is so special. And a little freaky... Its made me really grateful that my parents have never moved. Look at me playing on the pavement, pushing my pram up and down, up and down, up and down endlessly (easily amused I suppose).

And now look at Isaac...

Different time, different toys but same idea.

We've been playing in the garden a lot lately especially with the weather is getting warmer. The boys are still at push each other over stage like a lot. Lucas is sporting a fantastic bruise courtesy of the pavement/Isaac. But at times they have these little moments. Moments that show them starting to play together...

  This photo looks touching but its possible I'm confusing 'gentle leading down the path' with 'a prelude to pushing over out of the way'...
Yes its possible that's what it was...

Wanting to capture them playing in this garden has made me get right down on their level. You know like when you were a kid, on your grubby hands and knees looking at blades of grass and ants travelling past. It's been a while and look what we sensible 'don't want to get dirty' adults miss out on...

Lucas was fascinated by the noise that came from jumping up and down on this drain.

Oh and one last reminisce: proof that I have ALWAYS loved walking in the forest...
  Aw look at my cute brother...


  1. What great pics, as usual! The first flashback one is adorable! And that leaf is absolutely stunning.

    We're finally getting a taste of spring here in Boston and plants are beginning to turn green, such a welcomed change!


  2. The last photo of you and your brother is just too sweet.

  3. Aw, such fantastic pictures!! And haha, I have the pictures, too, where I'm not quite sure if it's a sweet moment or one just before one kid shoves the other :D

  4. Oh, your family is so lovely.

    I love this blog. xoxo

  5. Oh wow you are so right! Our posts are so similar about looking back and seeing ourselves in our children. How fun!

  6. I especially love the old photos! My favorite is the one of you pushing the stroller. I had fun visiting your blog today!

  7. I like how you combined the old shots with the new. You truly are lucky to have a place that was once your playground become a place your kids can play.

  8. I love your photos! It's funny what triggers a fond memory. You look at your little one doing something somewhere so familiar... déjà vu. =)

  9. TOo cute! I love how you compared the old and the new. Your boys are adorable :)
    Stopped over from FTLOB. Have a good weekend! ;)

  10. What excellent shots! I love the leaf? shot. Its absolutely amazing.

    K xx

  11. Love the pics of you and your son both pushing a toy down the walk, so cute!