Thursday 10 March 2011

One on One time

Life is a little tough for Lucas sometimes. 

Time alone with mummy is rare, there is always a big brother rushing about, snatching toys out of his hands or pushing him over. Time alone with toys is even more rare. As a result of this he can go from happy to screaming the house down in seconds (and holds on to toys with a ninja type grip). 

Sometimes though they don't nap at the same time which gives me and Lucas a little quality time. During this time he is less clingy and happy to just potter about playing and babbling to himself. 

Its lovely to watch.

Absorbed in play...

Playing peek-a-boo...

Pondering dinner choices...

Being tickled by Mummy...
It's nice to have time to enjoy every part of my little man...


  1. Sooooo cute! He is so photogenic. Beautifully captured memories.

  2. I love these pictures. Beautiful little boy. So happy. Enjoy him now for he will grow quickly--too quickly at times.

  3. love ur pics, they are beautiful & of course the boys (the little ones) too! :D

    have a great day Siany!

  4. These pictures are beautiful! It's the same in my house. As soon as my little guy finds something he is having fun doing, someone older comes along and tries to take over.