Monday, 13 December 2010

iheartfaces photo challenge: Pet Faces

This is a photo competition I saw on another blog that I thought I would enter. I have no chance of winning. Some of the photos on there are AMAZING but I thought it would be fun and might motivate me to take more photos (if that is possible). This week was pet faces. So this is my pet and she is called Roses. She was named Roses for 2 reasons. 
First: she was a valentines present from Hubby 
Second: She is also named after The Stone Roses our favourite band (ever)!
She is a beautiful cat in my opinion, possibly insane and certainly not to be completely trusted in affectionate situations as it can turn ugly very quickly. Yet despite this vicious streak she is a complete pussy with other animals. She cant catch a mouse or a bird to save her life. In fact she has been known to hang out with mice with out attempting to hurt them in the slightest. Plus she is small and completely bullied by other cats in the neighbourhood. I often have to run out to stop her getting mauled. But you wouldn't know that from this picture. Sat in the freezing cold snow she looks hard as nails.