Thursday 2 December 2010

snow day!

We've had snow! I LOVE IT!!! I know I am a big kid (just wait till Christmas people *bounces around the room*). Remember when you were a kid and you wake up to find your school is closed. You jump out of bed excited for a day of sledging, snowmen and snowball fights! Well I never quite lost that.

Right now the UK is completely at a stand still with people stuck in their cars and on trains over night (some 2 nights!?) schools and businesses closed, airports grounded, people slipping and sliding in the street. Those of you in countries where you actually get a lot of snow regularly must wonder what on earth we are going on about. Why cant we cope with a little bit of snowfall?

God knows? But I'm still loving it!

Anyway we haven't had that much where we live so no snow days off work for hubby. But I'm here at home with the boys loving every minute of it...

Isaac was a little freaked out by what was falling from the sky...

But he soon came round to the fun of it. I know I know, there's not really enough snow for sledging or making a snow man but we made the best of it...

Infact I believe he made a friend for life...well at least until the snow melts anyway.
Isaac: you wanna come sledging?
Isaac: you don't say much do you...?

Of course it didn't take long for Isaac to eat the snow. Dont worry I made sure I warned him about the whole  avoiding yellow snow thing...

I dont think he'll be dining on it again anytime soon.

From the look of the cats unimpressed expression I wonder if she also had a little nibble...

All that was forgotten in an afternoon of sledging on flat barely snow covered ground...

Love it!

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