Monday 13 December 2010

Toy Story Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Isaac's 3rd birthday party. I decided to do a Toy Story theme because Isaac loves Toy Story (and truthfully I love it even more).

So To Infinity and Beyond...
Since it was a Toy Story theme it was only fair to let him open his present early.
Plus I couldn't wait any longer...
Buzz was perfect!
It took no time at all for them to be best friends...

There was a 'small' moment of me wanting to keep Buzz...
 But see, I gave him back honest!
(and no I don't know what's up with the radioactive balloon...)
Then Nana and Grampy arrived with their present.
Which under the circumstances it obviously needed to be opened too...
Woody was also perfect!

Although a certain little brother decided Woody would be better off with him...

As soon as Isaac's little friends arrived we brought out the food. 
Birthday Cake time! 
*Ahem* There was a 'small' disaster with the cake...
 'Mummy what is that thing on top of my cake?'

I can't bake but I REALLY wanted an awesome Toy Story cake! So I bought a cake from a local shop and ordered a Woody cake topper for it on the Internet. However 'somehow' the sizes got a little muddled up...
The result was that  cake topper was too big for the cake *doh*. I couldn't cut it smaller because it said 'Happy birthday Isaac' around the edge. Plus the cake wasn't flat so it didn't sit well. Isaac didn't notice but I certainly wont earn mother of the year award anytime soon. It gave everyone a good laugh though.
 Daddy made his famous pizza. 

 Then lots and lots of playing...

Yikes! poor Woody...
Lucas charms the girls

Why have they stuck us out here? its freezing!And after all that (when all the mummies and daddies needed everyone to come down from major sugar high) we watched... Yep! you guessed it Toy Story!

It was a great day!
One of the goodies on the party bags
Buzz: 'So Woody, what did you think of that party?'
Woody: 'It was fun while it lasted...but what the heck was up with that cake?!'


  1. Looks like it was a great party! LOVE that you did a toy story theme. :)

  2. Wow, you're the most amazing mom ever! Everything was done so perfectly and beautifully. Although what happens to the cake and the cake toppers. But its creative alternative and probably
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  3. Looks like a fun party! We had my son's party a month ago and we also had a toy story theme! Great movie :)