Sunday 19 December 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

On Friday hubby broke up from School for Christmas and then we've had stupid amounts of snow! Esp for England. Yay!!! I have been bouncing around the house like a hyperactive Tigger. 

Christmas + Snow = Happy Mummy! 

So on Saturday we played out in the falling snow, making snowmen and having snow ball fights etc.  And today the sun came out and we went sledging. Whoo hoo!

Daddy went down first with them at incredible speeds. 
Everyone squealed with joy! 10/10 for athletic performance.

When it was my turn and I couldn't work out how to get moving...
 How did daddy do this?...
Once we did get going, we would slowly slide along. Then no matter what I did we would turn to the right and stop. This happened over and over again without fail.
That's not what happened with Daddy, Mummy...
 Even tried on my own and it still happened. 2/10 for Athletic performance apparently.
Seriously unimpressed.
 So daddy decides to show me how its done.

Show offs!
 Then when everyone was wet, cold and very grumpy it was time to head on home...
Do you like how daddy is carrying Lucas AND pulling Isaac in the sledge
 because I'm taking the pictures? hee hee

Best start to Christmas holiday ever!


  1. Great shots. You almost make me wish for snow here in NH. Almost. Not quite;)

    I would love to use one or more of these photos in a Christmas video I am putting together over at my blog. See here for info:

    If you would like to participate, just send me an email with the photos or let me know which from this post and I can screenshot them.

    Merry Christmas!
    themommy at mommycosm dot com

  2. It looks like so much fun! You would have a great time sledding on the hills here in West Virginia - they're MASSIVE.